Samsun Economy Prepares for Attack

Samsun Economy is Preparing for Attack: Metropolitan Municipality has prepared the biggest industrial and logistics projects of the Black Sea Region.

Explaining that the zoning plan and parcelization of the 5 acre area determined at Toybelen site has been completed, Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said that infrastructure and road projects have come to the end point. President Yilmaz, will take place in the Black Sea's most modern industrial and logistics facilities it said that they believe will provide new employment opportunities to serve Turkey and the Black Sea after the completion of the infrastructure in this area.

Mayor Yilmaz, as well as the city center stuck, wholesale artisans, printers, timbers, wholesale stationers, stoves, wholesalers, such as light industry professionals and businesses to prepare a project to relax, expressing that, ker In the scope of the project these businesses, again determined in Toybelen 480 thousand square meters to be moved to an industrial area. With this, both the domestic traffic and exploration in the city will be relieved, and the light industry and businesses are more modern and infrastructure will develop and grow in a complete area. In this way, new business gates and will be provided to the request, Bu he said. Within the scope of the project, the metropolitan municipality plans to carry out all the planning and infrastructure of the new industrial zone.


Noting that Samsun Logistics Village, which will come to life in the Tekkeköy District Aşağıçinik District, will make the city the logistics center of the region, President Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “With a budget of 45 million euros, truck park, container park, railway line and outbuildings, public and social facility areas. , infrastructure, consisting of warehouses, retail fuel sales station and other necessary structures and in-center roads and green areas will be ensured. In Samsun Logistics Village project, where there are also prefabricated warehouses for rent, the businesses that request can build a warehouse. As a result, this project will contribute to increase the competitiveness of Turkish SMEs in the region by strengthening their added value and technology foundations in the distribution sector. "Our Chamber of Commerce, and our project, which we care about, will add great added value to our Samsun."



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