First quarter results of the Renault Group (Photo Gallery)

Renault Group's first quarter results: Renault recorded 2014 points in the passenger car market in the first quarter of 1, while 0,8 increased its market share in the passenger + light commercial market. The brand has achieved a market share of 16,3 in the passenger car market.
Renault Group, with its 21 bin 567 sales figures, increased 1,4 points compared to the same period of the previous year and achieved a market share of 18,7. With this result, the Group recorded its best market share in the first quarter.
Renault's flagship model Fluence is the segment 10.85 with the share of 1 in the C segment. has been.
In the first quarter of the year, Dacia reached the market share of 0,6 with an increase of 4,7 points compared to last year in the total market.
Dacia, with the successful output of the Dokker model in the light commercial vehicle market 6. was brand. Dokker Minivan segment in 5. ranks. Dacia, 6 in the first quarter in the total market. lined up.



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