Railway workers demanded their rights

Railway workers demanding their right to strike struck: about 300 workers in the railway displacement business in Bingöl struck by claiming that their personal rights were seized by working hours, salary increases and arbitrary practices.

According to the information obtained, workers working in the Palu-Genç-Muş railway displacement job, which is under construction in the village of Oymapınar, in the Solhan district of Bingöl, have quit a job this morning. Workers, who are stated to be about 300 people, workers who started a strike in the morning came together in front of the construction site. The workers demanding the improvement of their personal rights from the company managers asked for the arrangement of overtime, leave days, salary wages and annual salary increases. Gendarmerie teams, who came to the scene upon notification, took security measures around and stated that if workers' personal rights are not improved, they will continue the strike. The workers, who noted that the construction chief treated them arbitrarily, said, “We started the right struggle today by hand in hand due to some arbitrary and personal rights damaging decisions taken by the construction site management. We especially complain about overtime, holiday days, working hours and the absence of our annual salary increases. They are entitled to two days off per month and do not pay overtime wages. The chief of the site wants everything to be done completely, regardless of the right law, we are treated as theft. we are disturbed by this kind of arbitrary treatment. ”

Workers, who claim that the contractor firms have harmed the peasant people due to work, asked the site chief to dismiss some of the managers who had bad and arbitrary treatment.

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