Jobs: Turkey Locomotive and Engine sec. Permanent Worker Procurement Notice

Turkey Locomotive and Engine sec. Permanent Worker Procurement Notice

FIELD OF ACTIVITY: Maintenance, Repair and Production of Rail Pulling and Towing Vehicles


WORKING PERIOD: Continuous worker

LEARNING LEVEL: To be graduated from Industrial Vocational High School or Technical High School.

DISTRIBUTION OF WORKERS TO BE TAKEN: According to the distribution of the professions, the number of workers to be taken to these professions is given below. A total of 120 workers will be employed.
Leveler 40
Electrician 40
Welder 23
Biker 10
Sanitary Plumber 5
| Painter 2

KPSS and BASE SCORE SCORE TYPE: KPSSP2012 94 60 and higher score in at least a score of Turkey Business Council, will apply to the Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate of Eskisehir.

Location: Eskişehir

WAGE AND SOCIAL PROPOSALS: It is applied according to the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement and the Labor Law No. 4857.

AGE OF TREATMENT: 18 to be my age.


1- Recruitment; It will be made within the scope of “Regulation on Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Recruiting Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations”.

Turkey Business Council between the 2 28.04.2014 07.05.2014 Candidate of history, it is necessary to apply to the Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate of Eskisehir. Candidates will register their home address, telephone and e-mail addresses up to date. Applications to our institution will not be taken into consideration.

3-Candidates must be graduates of Industrial Vocational High School or Technical High School and must graduate in the application date.

4-Turkey Business Association, Labor and Employment Agency will take place in the final list of candidates declared by the Directorate of Eskisehir Province, will be subject to an oral exam.

5-Workers who succeeded as a result of the oral examination will be required to report on the health board that will be able to work in heavy and dangerous jobs and to work at night in full-fledged state hospitals.

6-Workers who will take office in our company will work in accordance with the Labor Law numbered 4857.

7-The trial period of the workers is 4 month and the employment contract of those who fail within the trial period will be terminated.

8-Workers who work for at least 5 years will not be able to request transport during this period.

9-Workers, 7 4857 25 XNUMX year of the labor law in accordance with or in accordance with paragraph II of the request, training, courses and internships during the program for the fees and professions given by the employer training, course and internship programs on the day, valid half of the cost to be calculated according to the conditions will pay compensation to our Corporation.

10-We reserve the right to invalidate the application and / or to make legal submissions of those who make false claims.

VOCATIONAL AND GENERAL DEPARTMENT INFORMATION: Occupational and general department information is listed below.

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