33 Becomes Mileage Through Baskil Keban Connection Road

33 Mileage With Baskil Keban Connection Way: Baskil District District Governor of Elazig Mustafa Ünver Böke said that the direct connection road between Baskil and Keban would be realized after the work they realized, and the distance between the two districts would fall from 85 to 33 kilometers.
A road project was prepared for the Baskil and Keban districts, which are located in the west direction of Elazig but have no connection road. The project prepared by the Baskil District Governorate was given to the Regional Directorate of Highways.
Providing information about the project, Elazig's Baskil District Governor Mustafa Ünver Böke said, “The two districts in Elazig's developing western region are Keban and Baskil. Since I work at Baskil, I know more. Baskil is a big town with 62 villages and 215 hamlets. The transportation of both districts to each other is provided via Elazig with a distance of approximately 85 kilometers. The distance of 85 kilometers between our districts decreases to 33 kilometers with our work. By providing direct connection, a very serious savings will be achieved. It will provide an advantage of 50 kilometers in every outgoing journey. We continue to work in this direction. We made an initiative in the presence of highways. I hope it will be as we wish. The villages of Keban will be reached through the village of Hacı Mustafa. The route we have determined is the shortest one. It is a big project that requires a lot of effort. It was necessary to start somewhere, we took that step, I hope the result will be good ”.




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