Name of the Test Train Why Piri Reis


Why is the name of the test train Piri Reis: The name given to the high-speed train, which will reduce the distance between Ankara and Istanbul to 3,5 hours, has sparked controversy. The name of the great sailor Piri Reis to the high-speed train, which is still under test drives and will reduce the distance between Ankara and Istanbul to 3,5 hours, has caused controversy. The fact that Piri Reis, who was the war captain of the Ottoman navy and who wrote the world's first maritime guide book, was named after a land vehicle has received intense criticism especially on social media.

While TCDD evaluates these criticisms, changing the name of the High Speed ​​train is not considered. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman said, “The construction of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line has been completed. We are now carrying out their tests. We will start carrying passengers after the tests are over, the opening may be May 29th. "The important thing is that it is put into service in a completely safe way."


The travel time between Ankara and Istanbul will be 3,5 hours and 16 flights will be arranged per day. TCDD also made a survey on the price of the ticket and the result of the survey, according to the citizens of the price of the 50 asked for the lira. However, according to the cost calculations, the price is expected to be between 50-80 lira.


Piri Reis, who was from Karaman and was a pirate in the Mediterranean between 1487-1493, carried Muslims from Spain to North Africa on behalf of the Ottoman Empire, which did not have a navy to go on an overseas expedition in those years. Later, he joined the Ottoman navy.

He participated in sea voyages such as Inebahti, Lesbos and Rhodes. He received the title of Derya Beyi (Naval Colonel) and Derya Sancak Bey (Rear Admiral). He returned to Egypt with three ships loaded with spoils from his Oman and Basra expeditions in 1552, but the sinking of a ship and leaving the navy in Basra was considered a crime and was executed in 1554 on the order of Suleiman the Magnificent.


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