Pirelli Winter Tires Campaign Winners Win Cars

The Winners of Pirelli Winter Tires Campaign Reach Their Cars: Pirelli continues to delight its consumers with its campaigns and gifts. By participating in the winter tire campaign organized by Pirelli between 01 November and 31 January, kazanThe lucky ones received their vehicles with a ceremony. Mehmet Sevil, who participated in the campaign from Edirne, became the owner of the BMW 116i, while Mehmet Gökhan Ördekcioğlu, who participated from Istanbul, received the Mercedes Benz A 180 Prime vehicle.
Not only with its technologies, but also with its campaigns, Pirelli displayed a consumer-friendly approach and handed the car to the winners of the intense raffle campaign.
As a result of the lottery made among those who participated in the campaign by purchasing 4 winter tires from Pirelli, Mehmet Sevil was awarded a BMW 116i model and Mehmet Gökhan Ördekcioğlu a Mercedes Benz A180 Prime model car. kazanthey were.
Pirelli Turkey's Izmit factory located in a ceremony held at Tyrecampus Education Center, Mehmet Sevil and Mehmet Gökhan keys Pirelli Ordekcioglu vehicles Car and Light Truck Tires from the winner they receive Coordinator, Erkal without apology.


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