Pirelli Launches First Premium Concept Dealer in Izmir

pirelli izmir will serve with high technology
pirelli izmir will serve with high technology

Pirelli opened its first Premium Concept Dealer in Izmir: The premium segment leader Pirelli is preparing to take its leadership a step further by renewing its sales points with the premium concept in 2014. Pirelli introduced its first authorized dealer with the concept of premium corporate identity in Buca Sanayi Sitesi. Pirelli Turkey Sales Manager Omar Atabeks's fxnumx between 2013-2017 year with the participation in the opening of the only official tire supplier Pirelli, F1 simulator also took place. Last year 1 5 million TL investing on the dealer network, Pirelli is aiming to open in 20 2014 premium outlets throughout Turkey.

Pirelli, the leader in premium tire segment, continues to expand its dealer network by adding new premium dealers. Akif Ece, Pirelli's first premium dealer in Izmir, was opened with a ceremony.

Izmir's first premium concept dealer, which will serve in Buca as the second branch of Pirelli's Izmir Authorized Dealer, Akif Ece, will operate in an area of ​​approximately 400 square meters. The opening of the Pirelli Turkey Sales Manager Omar Atabeks Akif Ece common Ahmet Ece, Akif Ece and Ali Ece as well as CHP Buca District Chairman Bektas Gul and the AK Party county chairman Nexhat Lions attended.

Premium concept first noticeable

The premium concept of Pirelli, which was first introduced by authorized dealers, is remarkable with the changes in the signs. Pirelli logo on the gray background and the title of the authorized dealer, the new concept is designed on a black background.

The premium concept dealers also feature superior technology and track adjustment devices that can serve cars with 17 wheels and above tires.

Serving as Pirelli Authorized Dealer since 2006, and bringing many new products to the residents of İzmir, Akif Ece will provide its customers with disassembly, installation, balancing, pre-arrangement, rim correction, nitrogen and headlight adjustment services in its new branch. Akif Ece Otomotiv, which is one of the most important authorized dealers of İzmir especially in the sales of high performance tires and rims, will bring together the products of the whole car, LTR and 4X4 group with its new branch. Akif Ece Otomotiv, which can serve 10 vehicles at the same time and has the capacity of 3000 tire hotel, also has a wide range of wheels in the 13-24 inc range.

2014 in 15 will open dealers with Premium concept

Continuing its new corporate identity works at full speed, Pirelli designed its new dealer in accordance with the Premium concept. In line with the new concept, Pirelli invests more than 5 million TL in the dealer network over the last 20 years in order to increase the quality of the services it provides to its customers and gives great care to its customers.

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