Tested troleybüs in St. Petersburg

Unattended trolleybus is being tested in St. Petersburg: Gorelectotrans (Electric City Transport Organization) has started to test a new type of trolleybus today since 31 March. The vehicles produced in the Trans-Alfa factory in the city of Vologda can pass about 50 km without being connected to the power line.

Such trolleybuses are envisaged to be used in the center of Petersburg, especially in Nevskiy Prospekt (Nevskiy street), where the lines will be dismantled in the coming period. In addition, similar vehicles to be produced in Trolz (Engels) and MAZ (Minsk) plants are expected to be tested this year.

Gorelectotrans had previously tested a battery powered trolleybus, but the vehicle charge was found to be sufficient to reach a maximum of 500 meters.


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