1 Million TL worth of Flightpoint Gift from Pegasus Plus

📩 24/11/2018 12:05

1 million TL FlightPoints Gift from Pegasus Plus: The program that earns the easiest FlightPoints Pegasus Plus offers a total of 1 million TL FlightPoints to all members who bought tickets between 10 and 30 April with the surprise campaign it made to reach 1 million members.
33 80 offers its guests the opportunity to see different places on the flight network and give new inspirations to taste. Pegasus Airlines is launching a new campaign with Pegasus Plus.
All Pegasus Plus members who purchase tickets from flypgs.com between 10 and 30 April will have one of FlightPoints from 5 TL to 1000 TL. Pegasus Plus members will have more chance to fly with the FlightPoints they will earn.
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Guests who wish to benefit from the campaign can enter the system via Pegasus Plus via Pegasus' main sales channel flypgs.com. Any Pegasus Plus member who buys his / her mobile phone number as a membership code will be able to receive 3 surprise flight points during the month at the end of the 3 business day.

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