The Ottoman villager had not built a train to destroy the forest

The Ottoman villagers did not build a railroad because they were destroying the forest: It turned out that during the Ottoman Empire, the villagers bribed the forest officials and complained to the state that a foreign company that wanted to build a timber factory and then built a railroad blocked it. According to the Ottoman archives, the Austrian merchant Paul Poravic, who was found in the Garbi Karaağaç district from Denizli in 1892 and known as "Beylerli", made an attempt to build a sawmill and a railway in agreement with forest officials. Upon the claim of the surrounding villagers claiming that this would destroy the forest and block the passageways, the Ministry of Finance sent a letter to the Aydın Governorship to which Karaağaç was affiliated, and asked to investigate the issue. At the end of the correspondence, the sawmill and railway laying work is not awarded to Poravic, but to a contractor named Hrito Korides Efendi, with the decision of the Council of Ministers and in return for a heavy 18-point contract. As for the officers who condone the destruction of the forest, an order is sent to the governorship for the necessary treatment.

122 years ago, this event, Pamukkale University (PAU) and Denizli to be closed with the metropolitan Yeşilyuva municipality of the municipality was suppressed with the support of the) Yeşilyuva Pamuk was placed in the book of the Ottoman archives. PAU Rector Dr. Huseyin Bagci held a press conference with scientists and administrators who contributed to the preparation of the book in the social facilities of the university.


Acıpayam Mayor Hulusi Şevkan, who stated that Yesilyuva has become a neighborhood affiliated with them, said that when he looked at the book in question, he once again saw that Atatürk was great. “On November 6, 1938, four days before his death, on his deathbed, he sent a telegram to the Yesilyuva Municipal Council. "I thank you for the good feelings shown towards me on the occasion of the first meeting of the Yesilyuva Municipal Council." says. It is not really easy to become Atatürk. Ataturk is such a man. President Şevkan stated that he was reading books about Atatürk and he saw that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took some words from there: “So he takes advantage of those books or thinks like him. I see that I was lucky the Republic of Turkey. "

Rector Bağcı said, el I am saying this to the president and members who took over the previous president and now the administration. For years, your policy was to get to the Beylerli direction from here. Anyway, that's the 1892, and that's the 2014. The university had to put it out. I specifically reviewed this page. That's when we went up there. If there had been a road in 1892, it would be a completely different place now. X



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