Michelin summer tires give retro bags

Michelin summer tires give the retro bag: Michelin, one of the world's leading tire manufacturers, continues to offer advantageous opportunities to Turkish consumers. Michelin, who is always on the side of the drivers with the campaigns it organizes, offers retro bags to its customers who buy 4 summer tires.
Being the first choice of drivers seeking road safety, energy saving and high performance in all conditions, Michelin makes its users smile with the summer tire campaign developed with the Total Performances strategy. Users who purchased 15 summer tires 31 ”, 2014”, 4 ”wheels between April 14 and May 15, 16 in Michelin, one Retro bag; Those who buy 4 17 ”rims and above summer tires win a Retro sports bag.
Drivers who want to enjoy driving with Michelin summer tires can buy the tire they want at Michelin dealers and Euromaster service points. Moreover, only to learn the tire model suitable for the vehicle www.michelin.com.t is enough to visit!
In the Michelin spring campaign, consumers are also offered the exclusive 9 installment to the World.




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