Meaningful Celebration at 23 in April

23 from Minik Cevalılar Meaningful Celebration in April: The children of the world's largest supply chain management company CEVA, Gölcük Project Depot, celebrated the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day together with the students of Gölcük İhsaniye Fidanlık Primary School.
The children of CEVA Gölcük Project Depot employees Minik CEVALilar, CEVA Logistic Kocaeli Kocaeli, the sister school Gölcük İhsaniye Fidanlık Primary School students 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day did not leave alone. The event was attended by Minik CEVAliler and their families, Ihsaniye Fidanlık Primary School students, Social Services Children's Houses from the Children's Houses, together with 350 people. Inbound Operations Director Hakan Çetin and Warehouse Operation Chief Malik Hacıoğlu attended the CEVA Family.
Minik CEVAlılar, Fidanlık Primary School students and the children of the nursery home care in the garden of the school with the colorful celebrations of the festival celebrated with enthusiasm. Cevdet Overseer, who was the Shift Supervisor at CEVA Lojistik Tire Depot, gave his children fans excitement with Hacivat Karagöz show. Animators and clowns cheered up the kids with their colorful shows, and the children were rewarded with a variety of gifts.
Kocaeli Classic Car Club cut children's feet off the ground
With the support of Kocaeli Classic Car Club, the classic cars that came to the school met with the intense interest of the children. With all the children having fun moments with the classic cars, 23 made April National Sovereignty and Children's Day immortal.



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