It is impossible to flood the river

Marmaray flooding is not possible: TCDD's statement came for the photo leaking water through the crack in the wall of Marmaray: “The leak has nothing to do with sea water and tubes. In the infiltrated tunnel ...

According to the news of Çağdaş Ulus from Vatan newspaper; A photo taken by a user was shared on the social networking site twetter. While it was seen in the photo that there was a water leak due to a crack in a wall near the train tracks, a statement came from TCDD officials.

It is impossible to flood the river

TCDD officials, while verifying the leak, stated that the leak was on the land side and that it was nothing to fear. The officials stated that the photo was taken on a platform at Yenikapı station and said, “These leaks are caused by the movement of underground waters. This leak occurred in the land part of Marmaray. However, our colleagues in charge intervene with an injection, spray the water and direct it to another area. In this way, water is shifted under the tunnel. But there is nothing to be afraid of, it is not possible for Marmaray to flood. Anyway, the leak has nothing to do with sea water and tubes. "The infiltration is in the tunnel," he said.


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