Marmaray is the acquisition of all countries on the route of the Iron Silk Road

Marmaray, strength of geese of all countries in the Iron Silk Road: Marmaray, strength of geese of all countries in the Iron Silk Road '- Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, Marmaray not only in Turkey, iron silk road said that all the countries of the recovery in the itinerary.

Minister Lutfi Elvan and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, held at the Haliç Congress Center 11 European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) has participated in the World Conference. Making the opening speech of the conference, Minister Elvan said, “As the country, we have carried out railways as a state policy together with other transportation modes in the last 12 years. We also handled the harmony between modes together and developed projects in this direction. During this period, we established the high-speed train network. We started to deliver it all over the country. By opening Marmaray, one of the important pillars of the modern silk road, we united the two continents under the sea. We have taken very important steps for the formation of the railway industry in Turkey. We have implemented legal regulations that will liberalize the railway sector. In addition to all these, we have created legislation that will integrate the national railways with the European Union railway, ”he said.

Stressing that Turkey Marmaray is not just a win for Lutfi Elvan, "one of the major regional and inter-continental railway project is the Marmaray realized. Not only the two sides of Istanbul were joined by Marmaray, but one of the most important links of the modern silk road stretching from far Asia to Western Europe was built as an engineering wonder 62 meters below the Bosphorus. Turkey's Marmaray is not only a recovery, geese all countries in the strength of iron silk route, "he said.

Following the opening speeches, Minister Lütfi Elvan cut the opening ribbon of the European Railway Traffic Management System Conference and toured the stands.




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