Consolidation Continues in Malatya Northern Ring Road

📩 24/11/2018 12:06

Consolidation Continues on the Malatya Northern Ring Road Continues: It is reported that the Malatya Northern Ring Road has been consolidated and the project has been invested in 2014 year.
In the written statement on the subject, AK Party Malatya Provincial Chairman Bülent Tüfenkci stated that the connection of Malatya North Ring Road to Kayseri North Ring Road with 48,8 kilometers in the direction of Kahramanmaraş; He said that the total project length, which is 8,8 kilometers long, is 53,6 kilometers.
Bülent Tüfenkci, “Beginning of the Northern Ring Road, Malatya-Gölbaşı road turns towards north direction from Darende junction. It passes 1 kilometer west of the Kuyulu locality and 2 kilometers northwest of Kuşdoğan. It is in the east direction and is connected to the existing Malatya-Elazig road from the Pütürge separation junction of the route passing by encircling the Malatya settlement. The connection road starts from the Darende-Malatya road Akçadağ separation. Moving in the east direction, it reaches the northern ring road. ”
Tüfenkci said that the project, which is designed as a divided road, will have high road standards and that the route will cut around the Malatya Airport road near Özal Mahallesi. Tüfenkci, the continuation of the route that cut the road to Malatya-Sivas Sahnahan, Hanımın Farm, Hatunsuyu, Battalgazi and Bulgurlu direction will continue to take place and to cover some neighborhoods, including the 36 kilometer consolidation studies have taken great distance, Malatya Governorate, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of Agricultural Reform and Highways General Directorate of land registry, expropriation and consolidation work carried out at the point of the said. Tüfenkci stated that the cost of the project for the consolidation of the North Ring Road amounted to about 18 million pounds and that the consolidation had an alternative to expropriation and that the transportation area in the area of ​​transportation would amount to about 45 million pounds.
In the meantime, the construction of the total length of the 125 Keban-Arapgir-Divrigi road works for the year this year, the government has allocated 5 million pounds in the first place, indicating that the amount of money spent in the construction of this road until the end of the amount of approximately 200 million pounds by specifying the other road works, told:
“Malatya Gölbaşı distinction has been allocated by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for the road construction works of the 6th region in Darende. Again, Malatya Hekimhan has allocated 4 million TL for works on our 16 kilometers long road in the 108th region and 15 million TL for Malatya Gölbaşı road. ”

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