London Underground employees strike (Video)

London subway workers strike: Metro employees in London's capital London went on strike because of job cuts and plans to close ticket offices.

After the long talks between the trade unions and the municipality were not successful, the 48 hourly strike was decided. Subsequent to the decision, nearly 4 million passengers carrying metro runs were stopped from midnight.

Londoners headed for different means of transportation:

, The subway I always used was closed, so I took the bike. There is a serious resentment on the streets. Everyone is on the bus and angry. Herkes

“I think they have the right to say what they want. It may not be good for other people, but I think this is the only way to rest. Başka

Londoners wishing to go to school and work in the morning turned to bicycles and buses. The London Transport Authority has added additional 266 bus services.

If the renovation is not carried out in the renovation work, which will cause the loss of nearly a thousand people, the 3 will be held for another strike at the beginning of May.



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