Reaction to the Asphalt Site Established in Village Campus

Reaction to the Asphalt Site Established in the Village Campus: The asphalt construction site established in the campus of Çeltiksuyu village of Bingöl attracted the villagers' reaction.
A private company that took the construction of Bingöl-Genç, Bingöl-Solhan and Ring Road, established a construction site in Çeltiksuyu village campus. The people of the village, who reacted to the situation, made a protest and a press statement at the construction site. Reading the press release, Çeltiksuyu Village Headman Yüksel Gürde argued that the construction site would cause environmental damage. Saying that agriculture and animal husbandry will be seriously damaged in the village, Muhtar Gürde said, “It is desired to bring the asphalt factory to a fait accompli without proper exploration and measurement. Therefore, we want to share with you the concern that "agriculture and animal husbandry will suffer seriously, children, elderly and patients will experience health problems and that the factory wastes will cause serious damage to the rivers" in the village.
Explaining that the bitumen casting factory, which is 150 meters from the settlement and 7 thousand meters from Bingöl Airport, was tried to reduce the reaction of the society and mislead the village residents by calling the state-of-the-art technology; It is not acceptable to build an asphalt factory instead of agriculture and animal husbandry investment in this village. As the residents of Çeltiksuyu village; "We will not allow the construction of the factory that poisons our future, harms the plant species, and disrupts the ecological balance."
Mehmetcan İnce, Head of the Bingöl Branch of the Human Rights Association (İHD), who came to the field to support the action, said, “It is not possible to predict what kind of an environmental disaster the facility built will cause tomorrow. When the costs are paid, our initiative has no meaning, provided it is not too late in the future. We have to be sensitive to the environment, ”he said.
Stating that they do not want the construction site, Hatun Gürde, one of the village residents, stated that there are patients with shortness of breath in the village and said that they do not want the construction site. One of the village residents, Şahin Pervane, who defends that people who do not have sufficient information about asphalt construction sites are being fooled, said, “First of all, it is said that there is no harm. They say when we remove instances of damage, but we are seeing across Turkey. Their durations are established between 2 and 4 years. And now the people are being deceived ”he said.
Stating that the construction site should be taken out of the residential area, Gökhan Gök said, “Taking out the residential area harms everyone. We ask the authorities to remove the factory from the residential area, ”he said.
Following the press release, the villagers, who blocked the road to Bingöl Airport both sided, protested here for a long time. The villagers, who wanted the construction site officials to come to the site, insisted on not opening the road to traffic. While there was tension between the drivers and the villagers from time to time, gendarmerie teams came to the scene. Reacting to the gendarmerie teams who wanted to intervene in the situation, the people asked the authorities to come to the field. After the gendarmerie teams stopped work on the construction site, the villagers ended the action.
Company officials, who received information on the phone after the action, stated that they received the necessary permissions from the Bingöl Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, and said, “The villagers have made such an action and we did not go to the area to avoid confusion. We want our villagers to go to the authorities and explain the situation. We are not doing any illegal work. All our documents are ok until the EIA report ”.
Noting that the construction site will be removed after the works are completed, company officials said, “We set up the construction site there to work on Bingöl-Genç, Bingöl-Solhan and ring road. Only asphalt is produced in this area. "We will close it again after the works are finished in 2 years".

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