Köse: Do not touch the walkway for İzmit tram route

Kose: Do not touch the walkway for the Izmit tram route, Kocaeli Former Deputy Kemal Köse reacted to the use of the Walkway by the Metropolitan Municipality in the tram project that promised for the transportation in the city of İzmit. Köse, önemli Walking Path is the most important place of Izmit. From here the train departed the city feast. Now the tram is betraying the city, Şimdi he said.

Köse said that he was worried about the start of measurement studies on the tram route of the Metropolitan Municipality and he said m Everyone who lives in İzmit from the walking route takes advantage of every season of the year with a different pleasure. Here we meet each other, greeting. Metropolitan Municipality, I promised to bring the tram, if he will bring another place. Nobody has the right to break the walk way, Yürüyüş he said.

Kemal Köse stated that after the tram was put on the walk, Izmit would lose the most important value, 'Mayor Karaosmanoğlu must review this issue. For me, if necessary, stop the tram, keep the Walkway. The dynamics of this city, the Chamber of Architects, and the chambers of profession should also present their reactions to the preservation of the Walkway. It would be the biggest betrayal to Izmit to destroy the Walkway. Yürüyüş

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