Traffic Will Relax in the Gulf

Traffic will relax in the Gulf: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs Department of the industrial facilities and ports of the Gulf district, the D-100 Highway and TEM highway connection to solve the problem of transportation and local traffic is underway to continue the construction of side roads.
In this context, it is connected to a bridged intersection with a 1-span 3 m wide 15 × 2 road and a 1 m long 400 × 2 road to Seramik Street. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to manufacture 2 thousand 2 m road, 100 thousand cubic meters of excavation filling, 55 cubic meters of concrete, 200 m rainwater drainage line, 200 thousand 11 tons of asphalt, 500 meters of border, 500 thousand square meters of pavement.



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