Bridge Interchange Entered Service

Bridge Interchange Entered into Service: Altıntaş-Afyonkarahisar Highway construction on the road began in the summer last year, the crossroad junction has ended. AK Party Altıntaş District President Selahattin Bayram, ending the bridge over the intersection, thanking everyone who contributed to a more significant problem of Altintas said.
Altıntaş-Afyonkarahisar highway on the way to the entrance of the Altintas Zafer Airport and Izmir on the road connecting the construction of the cross-junction in the summer of 2013 summer was completed.
Altintaş people before entering the completed crossroad service on the road before the many wounded and mortal accident occurred, recalling that ın The bridge of the crossroads of the road made easier and safer entrance to the town of Altintas. We thank those who contributed to the construction of the bridge. Kö
AK Party Altintas District Chairman Selahattin Bayram is a showcase of the bridge in the district Altıntaş Altıntaş district said in his speech that thanked everyone who contributed to the construction. Bayram said, leri This was a great effort for our districts, especially the deputies, the provincial administration and the district administration, in order to make this distinction, which is of great importance to our district and which previously caused fatal accidents, to be known as the bridge crossroads. This intersection will be our showcase. The entrance and exit of Altıntaş district will be easier and safer. I wish our people and our region to be auspicious Halk.

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