Kesimoglu was in love with the railway

Kesikoglu became a railway lover: Founding President of the Association of Railway Lovers, 22nd and 23rd Term CHP Bursa Deputy Kemal Demirel, visited Kırklareli Mayor Mehmet Siyam Kesoglu in his office and registered as "Honorary Membership".

Bursa and that Turkey from 1997 to built with iron mesh struggled for nearly 17 years until today, said Bursa Former CHP deputy Kemal Demirel, now said that they set up an association in order to support and promote rail transport in Turkey.

“Enough for Traffic Terrorism We Want Railway Now. Saying, "President of the Association said that they hit the road that Kemal Demirel achieved its goal with the start of railway construction in Bursa and its objectives, saying they followed the construction work on the closely as in the 10th Year Anthem Turkey said that Example In the Iron Network.
Kırklareli Mayor Mehmet Siyam Kesoglu stated that he was pleased with the visit of Bursa former CHP deputy Kemal Demirel and that he was proud of the Honorary Membership of the Association of Railway Lovers.

Expressing that non-governmental organizations are always with them and they will work for the initiation of railways to Kırklareli in line with the Association of Railway Lovers, President Kesoğlu: “We will always be with the non-governmental organizations, which is one of the most important building blocks of democracy. I follow closely the struggle of Bursa Former Deputy and Railway Lovers Association President Kemal Demirel for 17 years. It is in cooperation for the bringing of a railway expedition to Kırklareli and train services in Kırklareli have to start. I congratulate Kemal Demirel for his great efforts in the coming of the train to Bursa and wish him continued success. ”

The Association signed the honorary membership protocol of the Railway Lovers Association, and the association flag was donated by the Association President Kemal Demirel by wearing an association badge. The visit ended with good wishes and wishes.

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