Latest situation on highways

Final situation on highways: Road construction, maintenance and repair works are carried out in some parts of highways.
According to the daily road condition bulletin of the General Directorate of Highways, Konya-Beyşehir road is 36-38. The road will be closed to traffic for a maximum of 14.00 hours between 17.00-2 on weekdays due to the blasting road construction between kilometers.
Due to the construction of the construction of the main road between the 0-38.kilometers of the Ankara Çevre Otoyolu distinction-Kırıkkale road, transportation will be provided by closing a section of the divided road or by closing a strip. In addition, all of the traffic will be open to one-sided access until the completion of the production before and after the Elmadağ Viaduct.
The 42-44 of Amasya-Turhal-Tokat road. There will be two-way transportation from one part of the divided road due to the construction of the intersection between kilometers.


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