Horseback javelin show in Palandökli: A javelin show was held at the Palandöken Ski Center by the Şengel Atlı Sports Club in Erzurum.

58 equestrian athlete gathered at Palandöken Beginner Track, where snow thickness reached 10 centimeters. The athletes, who tried to jump on the snow with horses running fast, were sometimes forced from the ground. Sometimes the thrown in the snow disappeared, athletes searched for the javelin.

Şengel Atlı Sports Club 2. President Eyup Yildirim, AA correspondent, said in a statement on the snow show, stating that it was more enjoyable to play javelin in the winter.

Lightning, daha Better to play the javelin on the snow. Because if you fall, nothing happens. Already our ancestors have played in the winter rather than summer ciriti. We take over from them and continue. Throw the javelin, falls into the abdomen, disappears. Sometimes we look for javelin between the abdomen. Bazen

Yalçın Aksaray from the athletes said that 18 has been playing the javelin for years and said, ç We play every season in the summer without winter. There are athletes of all ages and spectators. This sport has to go further and the authorities must stand. It's really hard to look at. There are people who try to do this sport with their own means. Horse care is difficult, costs are many, ”he said.

Alperen Algan emphasized that although he was an 14 year old, he was engaged in javelin sport and said, X Javelin is a beautiful sport. We play with pleasure. We're trying to keep our horse sport alive. My goal is to continue the sport of horseback, moving forward, erek he said.