Hijaz Railroad is a story to be sold for Adana

📩 30/11/2018 12:35

Hicaz railway is a story to be sold for Adana: It is reported that the Hijaz railway in Sirkeli is a story to be sold for Adana.

Tourism Week activities were organized by Adana Governorship, Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate and Adana Regional Tourist Guides Room (ADRO). Professor at the University of Zurich, Switzerland Dr. Mirko Novak, Kozan Anavarza Ancient City in Cilicia, Ceyhan Yılankale, Sirkeli Tumulus and the ancient city of Magarsus in Karatas, and a group of students visited the Institute of Maturation.

Culture and Tourism Directorate Branch Manager Mehmet Kurtgöz, Science and Technology University Faculty of Tourism Faculty Member Assist. Assoc. Dr. Alper Bozkurt, ADRO board members Gülcan Akdoğan and Ümit Altunkol. Dr. Novak informed the participants about the Sirkeli Mound and the ancient cities.

In the current train station in Sirkeli 4 pieces of wagons, and the local Hicaz railway is also important for the Germans, German engineers working because of the Novak said, '' Hejaz railway for Germans, as well as for the British Gahta Christie in the novel because of the place of the murder is very important . Hicaz railway is a story to be sold for Adana. Lawrence's agent, in the history of the first Ottoman-German cooperation with the German empire because of the railway came just because of it. '' He said.


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