3 Bridges to Be Built in Hasankeyf District

Work on the 7-meter-long Hasankeyf Bridge in Batman continues. It was stated that the bridge, which is expected to open to traffic in 2016, will facilitate transportation for the surrounding provinces.

A new city will be established in Hasankeyf with the Ilısu Dam. Currently, 3 bridges are under construction in Hasankeyf. The first bridge to be built will be the Pedestrian Bridge between the 200-meter Cultural Park area and Hasankeyf, the second is a 470-meter-long, 40-meter-high bridge to be built at the entrance and exit of Hasankeyf, called clover, and the third most important bridge, the Ilisu Dam, will be a 7-meter-long and 97-meter-high bridge. .

Köprü will contribute a lot to Hasankeyf's tourism

Hasankeyf District Governor Temel Ayca informed the Ilke News Agency about the work done and said, “Three bridges will be built in Hasankeyf within the scope of the Hasankeyf Ilısu Dam project. One of them will be a pedestrian bridge. This will be around 200 meters long. Its tender has been made and its construction cannot be started yet. Apart from that, two bridges to be used by the main vehicles will be built. The length of the first bridge is 470 meters and its construction has been continuing for about 7 months. The main bridge will be one thousand 7 meters long.

This bridge will also be one of the longest bridges in Turkey. The construction of this has been started for about 7 months and continues. These bridges will be finished in 2016. When the bridges are finished, both the transportation of Hasankeyf will provide very serious benefits, and because that great bridge will pass over the water in terms of visuality, our citizens who reach Hasankeyf will have a very beautiful visual appearance. We think that when it is finished, Hasankeyf will contribute a lot to tourism. said.

We want to live humanely now

Hasankeyf residents who supported the work of the bridge Ahmet Karadeniz, ler We did not know the project before. They came and told us about the project. They said there would be a new city, new bridges and roads. Then we have given support for this. Hasankeyf bridges started. It's a huge bridge. This means a second throat in the Southeast. This new Hasankeyf is saved for us. With its infrastructure, it is a city where we will live humanly with its superstructure. Here we live in houses with square meters of 45. We live in houses with no infrastructure, no sink, no toilet and no bath. Now we want to live human. Artık he said.

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