Haliç Metro Bridge Housing Work

Haliç Metro Bridge Housing: Halic Metro Bridge, which opened last month, facilitated transportation as well as evaluated the houses in the region.

Turkey's first underground passage, opened last month as a bridge Haliç Metro Bridge, tying Şişhane Yenikapı'dan out of the estuary. Hacıosman connects 4. Levent, Taksim and many other stations to Göztepe, Maltepe, Üsküdar, Kozyatağı and Kartal via the Yenikapı transfer station and Marmaray.

A citizen taking the metro from Hacıosman will reach Yenikapı by crossing the Golden Horn Bridge. From here, he will cross Marmaray and from there he will be able to go to Kartal.

33 percent increase in Fatih

According to Hurriyetemlak.com Real Estate Index, the annual increase in housing prices for sale in Fatih, where the Yenikapı district is connected, reached 33 percent. According to the February 2014 Real Estate Index, the average square meter price in Fatih reached 2.667 liras. The square meter of the rented houses is 13 liras.

In Beyoğlu, housing prices for sale came to an average of 5.000 lira. In rental houses, the average square meter price reached 29 lira.

In Kartal, which is one of the districts where new transportation projects add the most value, the average price increased by 28 percent per year and became 2.208 lira. An average of 12 lira is paid per square meter of rental houses.



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