Refreshing half a century railway

Renewal of half-century railway: Renovation work started on 223 kilometer railway running through Muş, Tatvan, Van and Kapikoy route

It is planned to change the wooden sleepers, rails and other materials on the half-century railway to make the road more modern with today's technology.

With the renewal of the railway, it is aimed to increase the export of 320 thousand tons to Iran to 1 million tons and to stimulate the region economically.

Speaking at the ceremony of the renovation work in the area where the railway depot for initiating Deputy Governor Salih Altun, said that significant improvements in all areas of catheter Turkey in recent years.

Altun said that the state and the government attached great importance to the railways as it was to every area, said:

"Especially in even the most remote villages today in the field of transport speed internet, Turkey's passed to the airlines and life wherever they operate around 20 we thought a thousand kilometers of divided road, our ancestors such as railroad brought to the Ottoman Empire and of the ancestors heirlooms transportation services made up Hijaz orphans It is obvious that it will not stay. Therefore, our state and our government attach great importance to the railway issue as in other fields. Our state has started to develop and strengthen normal railways, especially high-speed trains. Now we can transfer money at the touch of a button and order online. But no matter what, the products need to be shipped somehow. Therefore, methods must be developed to keep up with him. "

Indicating that the railway renovation work of 35 is a million-dollar investment Altun, the future of these investments will increase even more, people, goods and goods, much faster to reach the country reported that the four sides.

Altun said, “I hope we will open this beautiful investment together with the nice and mild effect of the solution process of our state and the government. I wish the investment to be beneficial to Bitlis, the region and our country ”.

Malatya State Railways 5. Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker 2 said that after the millennium BC, the political will turned state railways into a state policy and on the one hand renewed nearly a century of obsolete lines and started to put new technologies into the institution.

Expressing that there are concubines of nearly 400 kilometers in line and they have renewed 5 kilometers in 4 years in the 550th region, Ülker continued his speech as follows:

“This year, we will renew our 223-kilometer road between Muş-Tatvan and Van-Kapıköy and end our infrastructure problem. The existing wooden sleepers on this road were made in 1964. Until today, maintenance and services have been carried out. However, as the standards dropped, our trains, which had to travel between 90 and 100 kilometers, started to continue with 30 kilometers. For this reason, we have bored our people. We will renew the railway with a 59-meter rail with 49 kilograms per meter. We will complete 4 kilometers of the road in about 50 months. "

In May, Van-Kapıköy will start voicing their 123-kilometer road between Country renovation work, rails laid in the road, it was reported that the sleepers and other goods produced in Turkey.

Future by increasing its share in Turkey's freight and passenger, emphasizing that they would offer a significant contribution to the economy country, currently held in Iran 320 thousand tons of exports, he believed that up to 1 million tons after the renovation of the road and it was said that would be conducive to the flourishing economically in the region.

Ülker said, “State Railways is among 7 countries that receive 8 quadrillion investments per year, operate high-speed trains and have high-speed trains in Europe. In 2009, the Ankara-Eskişehir high-speed train was activated. Then, Ankara-Konya, Eskişehir-Konya connection was made and Ankara-Sivas works are continuing. Project studies for the high speed train to reach Malatya, Elazığ and Diyarbakır are starting this year. Railways are now on the agenda of Turkey, "he said.

Following the slaughter, the railway was renewed.

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