The code of the South Raman ring road will be examined

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

The low code of the Raman ring road bridge will be investigated: The regional directorate of highways started to take action on the allegations of 'low code' on the South Raman ring road bridge near the town of Balpinar in Batman. Some residents who complained about the lack of code on the ongoing bridge, said,, The producer now wants to dig up the road under the bridge and find the 5 meter height.
It does not meet the standards of the Bridge Highways. Heavy tonnage vehicles are waiting for invisible accidents. Ağır Ihsan Power, Deputy Director of Highways, said that they will send a team from Diyarbakir to Batman in the following week regarding the claim of 'code' on the bridge at the entrance of Balpinar. De Necessary inspections will be made on the bridge on the southern Raman ring road. It will be corrected if there are errors. We will consider the complaints of residents of Balpinar. Bal In the meantime, the Mayor of Balpınar Ejder Sarıgöl, the bridge construction work in the road to the deterioration of the road, said that the Highways should do the deteriorating road.

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