Goodyear technology does not recognize obstacles with elephant size tires

Goodyear technology avoids obstacles with elephant-sized tires: Goodyear's 63 in-line machine tires (OTR) have a full elephant size, a height above the 4 meter and a weight of 5,400 kg boyut
Goodyear's frequently asked A Which is the biggest tire you produced? X is the answer to the RM-59A + Off The Road tire of the size 80 / 63R4 with the same weight and length of a large elephant. Produced in Topeka, Kansas, this gigantic 63-inch tire is marketed all over the world to transport mining and earthmoving equipment, mostly in areas such as hundreds of tons of coal, hard rock, gold and copper mines.
This 4.023-meter external tire is more than a meter long from a basketball crucible, more than the legal length (4 meter) of most semi-trailers in Europe.
Equipped with advanced technology, the 5.400 has a load capacity of up to 50 tonnes, up to 100 km / h.
Goodyear works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to help ensure tire dimensions are compatible with vehicles. For this reason, the tire produced for the needs in the sector is equipped with the technology suitable for the materials, structure and design. Computer simulation tools were used in the design of this high precision tire, which is produced using the latest technology and fully integrated tire manufacturing equipment.
The 63 inch tire with steel housing and belt structure is produced for optimum performance. Among the features of Goodyear's CycleMax rubber tread rubber component and cross-channel structure, as well as better traction, this technology makes the tire run cooler and performance increases.
The 63 inch tire is now available in two sizes, 53 / 80R63 and 59 / 80R63, with three different component types and two tread depths (E3 and E4); 12 is offered to the market in different ways.


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