GEFCO Group achieves the highest volume in its history

📩 24/11/2018 12:00

The GEFCO Group has achieved the highest turnover in its history: 7 years of handshake with GM, responsible for managing and optimizing the entire logistics chain in Europe and Russia.
GEFCO Group, which is the European leader in automotive logistics, showed an increase of 2013 by 2012 in 11, and realized a volume of 4 Billion Euro.
Current operating income reached 55 million Euros with a 28% jump, of which 95 million Euros was net profit.
GEFCO Chief Executive Officer Luc Nadal said: “Despite the difficulties in the European economy, our 2013 results were satisfactory and realized in line with our expectations. These results demonstrate that GEFCO's unrivaled expertise in supply chain optimization has been acknowledged by our customers and are concrete evidence that we are a financially sound organization that implements the right strategies in line with geographic and cross-industry diversity.
The business volume realized by the GEFCO Group in 2013 approached 4 Billion Euros, the highest level reached since the establishment of the company. Thanks to its very low debt levels, GEFCO has managed to achieve a sustainable and steady free cash flow that protected itself from the 2009 recession and the slowdown in the European automotive market in 2012 and 2013.
2013 is a year of major changes to GEFCO
2013 was a remarkable year due to major changes at GEFCO. At the end of 2012, 75% of GEFCO's capital was sold by PSA Peugot Citroën to the JSC Russian Railways (RZD) group, the world's most important logistics supplier. GEFCO remained PSA's specialist logistics provider around the world.
The partnership with the RZD group has provided GEFCO with a long-term strategic business partner and brand new growth opportunities in Russia and the member states of the United States.
As a result, GEFCO enjoys easy contact with leading Russian and international manufacturers operating in these markets, helping them optimize their supply chains and increase their efficiency. The partnership relationship established with RZD offered GEFCO another growth factor; Developing commercial links between Asia, Russia and Europe through rail transport.
To accelerate its growth in this region, GEFCO has redesigned its form of organization and assembled a "delegation" of fifty logistics experts operating in Moscow to create a geographic area for this purpose.
Diversity at the heart of the Group's strategy
2013 also saw the beginning of the 7-year contract signed with General Motors (GM). Under the terms of this contract, GEFCO was responsible for managing and optimizing GM's entire logistics chain in Europe and Russia. With this contract, which covers more than 1 million vehicles annually, GEFCO has become the number one European logistics provider in the European automotive industry, despite the fluctuating structure that dominates this market.
The group continues to diversify its customer portfolio every year. Developed by mid-sized companies and key international accounts other than PSA Peugot Citroën, the business volume has steadily increased, exceeding € 2013 billion in 2. While this income corresponds to 50% of the total business volume of the Group today, this ratio was calculated as 2012% in 42.
Operational and financial results in line with expectations

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