Etis Logistics opened South Marmara Regional Office in Bursa

📩 21/12/2018 17:21

Etis Logistics has opened the South Marmara Regional Office in Bursa: Etis Lojistik, which announced 2014 as the year of investment, continues its growth move by opening the South Marmara Regional Office. Etis, which aims to provide value-added logistics services to the strong industrial and industrial establishments of the region, is expected to add 5 million dollars annually to its turnover.
Etis Logistics, an ambitious player in intermodal logistics, is implementing a regional expansion strategy to closely monitor national and regional logistics opportunities. In line with this strategy, Etis opened the South Marmara Regional Office in the Office 4200 building at the intersection of the ring road on Bursa Mudanya road.
With the aim of transforming the logistics opportunities in the region with the Bursa office to the new business models by using the advantages of its operational capabilities, Etis plans to expand its business volume and to realize a synergy that will create synergy for Bursa and its region with Negation Group companies, İstanbullines. In line with its horizontal growth target in 2014, Etis is expanding its logistics network with regional offices, and preferring to be close to new business opportunities, especially in regions where industrial production is intense. Etis works with the South Marmara Regional Office, which is established with the employment of experienced sales specialists, in line with the objective of being located in the strategic centers of big industrial zones and networks that have logistic supply, especially in the region and to realize business opportunities.
Speaking about the opening of the Southern Marmara Regional Office, General Manager of Etis Logistics, Erdal Kilic said that they want to increase their presence in the centers of industry and foreign trade. In this direction, last year, the Mersin Logistics Center and Bursa Bursa Regional Office said that they opened Kılıç, said:
"If Kutahya after the port are not connected to the second office is Bursa Regional Our office is on the other hand to bring value-added logistics services to the powerful industrialists of one hand with the aim to increase the capacity of our logistics network we have established throughout Turkey and optimize. Bursa Regional Office will also be a center where we will develop our logistics competencies in the Sea of ​​Marmara. Bursa


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