Prime Minister Erdogan speaks at groundbreaking ceremony of Eurasia Tunnel (Video)

Prime Minister Erdoğan spoke at the Eurasia Tunnel groundbreaking ceremony: The Prime Minister addressed the public at the Bosphorus Highway Tube Crossing Tunnel opening ceremony….

Tunnel excavation works under the Istanbul Strait of the Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing) started with a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan.

Work begins for the Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing ...Click for the properties of the tunnel)

Here are the highlights from Erdogan's speech:

  • I hope the traffic crunch in Istanbul will end with these projects.
  • The distance to the 100 to which the Eurasian Tunnel is completed will go down to the 15 minute. Think about the happiness that people provide when this project is over.

  • This large structure will make a positive contribution to the environment in a way that it does not harm the environment and the sea. If Allah gives a long life, we will make the opening together. We have increased the efficiency by using the sources of the country wisely.

  • Despite December 17, December 25, our services will continue, despite the travelers. We removed the Presidential elections from being a crisis.

The 3-hour road will decrease to 15 minutes. Those who want to stop the march of Turkey will dare it.

  • These are tence-pans, these are the cooker-pan HEP ​​moment weather. Freedom, democracy, we have tried to hit our freedom, the coup to our economy.
  • Egypt and Ukraine played in the game they want to play for Turkey. We will not allow a demonstration in Taksim to lower the window and frame of the shopkeepers.

  • Turkey will now come to such an ugly operation. This ugly structure received the necessary response on March 30. Everyone has learned not to do surgery on Turkey on March 30.

  • We will work hard to be among the top 2023 economies in the world in 10. I hope we will work to finish this project before next year's general elections. I wish the Eurasia Tunnel to be beneficial and auspicious to Istanbul.

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