Minister Elvan: Approximately 40 Million Population Will Reach High Speed ​​Train Access

Elven Ministers: High Speed ​​Rail Access to Jobs about 40 Million Population olacak.ankar to have the high-speed rail, İstanbul-Eskişehir section also completed testing and certification work continues.

Ankara high-speed railway, Istanbul-Eskişehir section is completed and testing and certification studies are in progress. High-speed and high-speed railway projects currently under construction will be completed in the short term, and a population of about 40 million will have access to high-speed train directly.

Elvan said, “We united the two continents under the sea by opening Marmaray, one of the important pillars of the Modern Iron Silk Road. We have taken very important steps for the formation of the railway industry in Turkey. We have implemented legal regulations that will liberalize the railway sector. In addition, we have created legislation to integrate the European Union (EU) railway and the national railway. In this period the UIC and we come together in such organizations, in cooperation with the European railway administrations both Turkey and Europe are very important in terms of both the countries in the region. In this context, Turkey to see the natural corridor function, is one of the parties of a fair and effective sustainable transport partnership, "he said.


The rail network Almost all of that renewed rail produced in Turkey and infrastructure of high standards that made the highlight Elvan, railway the development of the national railway network in Turkey, said that the boost to the formation of the private sector. Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya Konya-Eskişehir high-speed train lines that the put into operation and Turkey's high-speed train operator in the world, countries that take place in league transfer Elvan, "Istanbul-Ankara high-speed railway, İstanbul-Eskişehir section was completed, tested and certification works are ongoing. The high-speed and high-speed railway projects currently under construction will also be completed in the short term, and a population of about 40 million will have reached direct high-speed train transportation. ”


Elvan said, “Marmaray is not only combined with two sides of Istanbul, but one of the most important rings of the modern Silk Railway that stretches from Far Asia to Western Europe, it was built as an engineering wonder 62 meters below the Bosphorus. Turkey's Marmaray is not only a recovery, geese strength of all countries in the Silk rail route. The construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, another important link of the Silk Railway, continues. ”


Minister Elvan later opened the fair held within the scope of the conference. Meanwhile, Minister Lütfi Elvan had a hard time cutting the ribbon. "It stems from scissors," said Minister Elvan, who cut the ribbon after several attempts.

After the opening, Elvan visited the stands and received information about the projects and practices related to railway transportation.



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