DLH Transportation and Feasibility Study Technical Specification

Purpose of the Technical Specification of DLH Transportation and Feasibility Study: The purpose of the Technical Specification is to provide guidance on the studies to be carried out in order to examine and approve the urban rail system and cable passenger transport system projects by the Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction (DLH General Directorate). is to create the conditions. "DLH Rail and Wired Mass Transport Systems Design Criteria" will be taken as basis in the projects that will be prepared according to this Technical Specification and submitted to the approval of the General Directorate of DLH.

With the activation of the Metropolitan Law No. 5216, the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality have been extended and the urban population has increased in large cities. Factors such as rapidly increasing population, labor force and vehicle ownership necessitate the resolution and regulation of urban transportation, which is an important problem today, by taking scientific methods such as environment, energy, sustainability and social balance, primarily in big cities.

In this context, urban transportation, according to today and determined target years; to provide solutions to transportation and traffic problems by prioritizing and analyzing the city's top and bottom plan decisions and coordinating, arranging, public transport systems and environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as pedestrian / cycling; It should be targeted to plan and operate as a whole and to develop the transfer facilities as a whole in order to integrate public transport and types of transportation and the types of stations and terminal areas, and various modes of transportation, including private transportation, to compete and complement each other.

For these reasons; In order for municipalities to make high-cost rail / cable system investment decisions, first of all, it is important to establish the Transportation Master Plan using the travel estimation model and the restructuring of the transportation and public transportation system within the municipality's municipality area as a whole in line with the short, medium and long term planning decisions.

Within the scope of short term proposals; Transport and traffic system in the current problems and inadequacies to be eliminated and existing capacities to use more effective and efficient transportation and traffic regulation proposals will be developed. While developing medium and long term proposals, the main decisions of the city's transportation and traffic system will be determined within the framework of urban development strategies stipulated by master zoning plans. The Transportation Master Plan will provide the necessary transportation investments and their priorities, the operating and management policies and principles of the transportation and traffic system, and the requests for travel in the medium and long term as of the target year.

The works to be performed within the scope of the Transportation Master Plan to be prepared by the municipalities shall be carried out as specified in the sections of this Technical Specification.

You can view the complete DLH Transportation and Feasibility Study Technical Specifications by clicking HERE.


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