Military Shipment from Diyarbakır to the Syrian Border by Railway

Military Shipments by Railway from Diyarbakır to the Syrian Border: The civil war and chaos in the atmosphere of chaos, which has been continuing for more than 3 years in Syria, continues with all its brutality. The TSK carries out military shipment to the border without interruption to ensure maximum protection of the border security.

While the civil war in Syria, Turkey, are taking some security measures at the borders of this country. For the past few days, armored units, military vehicle, tank and missile defense systems in Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, especially in Hatay, have been located at the dominant points at the zero point of the border.

The military materials brought by military trucks from the 7th Corps Command of Diyarbakır the day before were downloaded to TCDD Diyarbakır Station. Military supplies are large


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