Daikin Turkey, in cooperation with TLS went Logistics

📩 24/11/2018 12:05

Daikin Turkey, TLS went to cooperation with Logistics: Turkey in the field of air conditioning, which aims to make the logistics base of the region, Daikin has taken an important step in this regard. Aiming to be managed from one central location for all logistics services Daikin Turkey, it started to transport their products to retail outlets with TLS Logistics assurance.
The Japanese giant Daikin air conditioning sector, in line with growth plans in Turkey continues to take important steps. no air conditioning Turkey operating base in the region with the goal of Daikin, storage and distribution services to partners in cooperation with the warehouse operator also went to offer TLS Logistics. Wanting to spread to all processes on the success of the pre- and post-sales Daikin Turkey Production, Logistics Facilities in the TLS of Heke's Şekerpinar was selected as the distribution center. The size of 25 thousand square meters, with capacity 60 16 thousand pallets Heke thousand square meters of storage space at Storage Facilities Daikin was allocated to Turkey. The cooperation of Daikin in its factory in Hendek and the logistics operations for all imported devices are managed from a single center, minimizing the costs and risks while ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the distribution process. This also makes it possible to be made faster and a qualified distribution cooperation, Daikin aims to increase the success of Turkey's inventory management.
Stating that they started to take the results of this cooperation with TLS Daikin Turkey CEO Hasan Önder, "In this way, from a professional service provider, our needs the whole supply chain, at one point, and we have met at the highest level. We can efficiently carry out our entire logistics operation on a single system. In addition to these improvements in all processes from storage to packaging, from loading to distribution, we plan to make these efforts more effective in 2014 eden. reminding their plans to make the logistics base in Turkey Leader, "this collaboration with TLS, showed us one step closer to our goal of making logistics base in Turkey," he said.
Stating that Daikin Turkey Among the goals for this year included the creation of some other major cities in the region warehouse as in Istanbul Leader, "So, faster, and make quality distribution of the work to be carried out on a micro scale, the potential that can be experienced in the distribution process, damage or delay completely eliminated aim to remove, kaldır he said.
The Chairman of TLS Logistics Altuğ Hacıalioğlu said: seviy Being preferred by a world giant like Daikin as a result of a very difficult tender process, not only TLS Logistics, but also the level of competence of the Turkish logistics sector. indicator and has been our proud source for us. This cooperation is also important because it shows the world that Daikin such as logistics base to start using shipping products to markets in Turkey close to the huge geographies. "
Hacıalioğlu reminded that TLS is always a transparent and long-term company with its customers, and that customers perceive themselves as a highly reliable logistics business partner due to the importance of operational performance and the importance they give to corporate continuity.

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