President Kılıç supervised the construction of the Marmaray project

Mayor Kılıç supervised the construction work of the Marmaray project: Ali Kılıç, the Mayor of Maltepe, continues to visit the neighborhood. Kılıç, who visited Yalı Mahallesi tradesman, oversaw the construction work of the Marmaray project.

Good news for the students of Ataköseoğlu Primary School
Within the scope of the Marmaray project, one year before the opening of the railway line between Gebze and Pendik, the works accelerated. kazanMaltepe Mayor Ali Kılıç brought a solution to the underpass of Maltepe Station, which was closed to pedestrian traffic on behalf of the public.
Receiving information from the authorities during the supervision of President Ali Kılıç, Maltepe people wanted to take measures to prevent the victim.

Indicating that the necessary measures should be taken during the project, President Kılıç said, Başkan Before starting work, the grievances that could arise would have to be identified. There is a school very soon, the safety of our students should have been considered. Overpassing is not a difficult thing to do, it can be a bit costly; but the safety of our children is more important. ancak

Expressing that the Bridge of Drama is not healthy, Mayor Kılıç took the promise from the authorities as soon as possible to take an overpass.


Kılıç, who visited the craftsmen of Yalı Mahallesi, reiterated that they will continue to identify problems on the spot and find solutions quickly. Mayor Kılıç, People's Meetings and neighborhood visits, such as Maltepeli citizens can be together with the platforms to increase Maltepe'i together they will manage, ları Not the Dayatan, the municipality will be the adviser, Kılı he said. Local shopkeepers, holding the promise before the local elections, the Mayor of Maltepe thanked the Mayor Ali Kılıç.



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