Atatürk bridge lighting pillars changed in Çanakkale

Atatürk bridge lighting towers were changed in Çanakkale: In Çanakkale, the lighting poles were changed in the Atatürk bridge.
Renovation work has been completed on Atatürk Bridge, one of the important axes of the city serving vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Within the scope of the improvement and renovation works on the bridge, the pavements were renewed by coating black basalt and andesite slab stone material, and a walking axis was created for the disabled in the pedestrian section. The metal railings of the bridge were also renewed and brought a modern look. The work on Atatürk Bridge has been completed with new lighting poles. Sculptures with the theme of peace, love and freedom will also be placed on the bridge.

📩 24/11/2018 12:06

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