Bülent Ersoyun Crazy Ropeway Project

Bulent Ersoyun Crazy Ropeway Project: Bulent Ersoy magazine will sit in the world as a bomb to the house of the cable car will install the news of the news has lifted up social media.

Turkey's most beloved singer Bulent Ersoy listened and this time not on the agenda with the cable car will be built into the new home of music geldi.bülent Ersoy Izmir is also known for the villa in which he thought the new Order.

Buying a new villa in Izmir, Bulent Ersoy does not avoid any expenses. The villa bought by Bülent Ersoy is located in Balçova. The 2.5 million dollar three-storey villa has a bought room and a garden of 500 square meters. Bülent Ersoy does not escape any expenses for his new villa.

According to the information obtained, Bülent Ersoy plans to move to his villa in Izmir next year. Bülent Ersoy, who had his Turkish bath and sauna built in his villa, will now sign a first. Bülent Ersoy agreed with a company in Switzerland to build elevators and ropeways.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:29

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