Kadıköy-Great profiteering claim on Kartal metro line

Kadıköy-A great profiteering claim on Kartal metro line: SAI, Kadıköy- It has been determined that the companies that make the Eagle metro have established a company abroad for goods to be imported and increased the costs by millions of dollars.

AKP group vice president Nurettin Canikli and Prime Minister's private office manager Hasan Dogan between the alleged voice recording of the Turkish political life entering the Court of Accounts 'smoke', the determination, 30 March local elections began to appear after the local elections. The head office of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is at the top of the findings that the Court of Accounts will leave the government in a difficult position. The inspections of the TCA auditors were carried out in the construction of an Istanbul Metro Construction bat similar to the benzeri back to back credit method kredi, which is frequently used by the bank bosses. With this method, the materials used in the subway auction were sold to 3-4 times more expensive and the state suffered millions of dollars of damage.

The details of the irregularity in the construction of the Metro with the ğ back to back “method are as follows:


Kadıköy- The tender process, which is the subject of irregularity claims, started in 2008 at the Kartal Metro. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Rail Systems Directorate, “Kadıköy-Kartal Metro completed the construction and supply of electronic systems, installation and commissioning works to the Eurasia Metro Joint Venture Group with 751 million 256 thousand 42 euro plus VAT. According to the information in the Trade Registry Gazette, the consortium, which undertakes approximately 751 million euros, was established on March 4, 2008, two days before the tender. The partners of the consortium consisted of Astaldi SPA, Makyol Construction Industry Company and Gülermak Ağır Sanayi.


Kadıköy-After the tender for the Eagle Metro, the series of events that angers the auditors of the Court of Accounts begins. First of all, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is getting permission to import electronic components within the scope of the tender. For this, the Undersecretariat of Treasury also issues an incentive certificate. The Undersecretariat of Treasury issues investment incentive certificate dated December 5, 2008 and numbered 92450, to import electronic goods on behalf of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In other words, the state gives the municipality the authority to import electronic components and the incentive certificate.

In the second stage, the municipality has granted the authority to import electronic goods to the municipality. kazantransfers the moment to Avrasya Metro company. The transfer process is carried out with a power of attorney dated October 27, 2009. In summary, the following statements are included in the power of attorney:

"... Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on behalf of all of Turkey have come to the customs and the future any and all performing their treatment customs clearance of goods and replenishment, State Railways regarding the customs warehouse or customs, on the porch of the Maritime Bank or other entities, to withdraw from the warehouse and warehouse ... he wishes all the rights set specific and attorneys to legal entities to be transferred via export channel… Astaldi SPA - Mak-Yol İnşaat Sanayi Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş.- Gülermak Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş. We have appointed the Business Partnership as a proxy. ”


In the third stage, Eurasia Metro Group, the consortium company that received the authorization from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with a power of attorney, begins to import materials from the USA and Italy. However, according to the findings of the TCA auditors, the companies from which the parts are imported consist of subsidiaries of the Eurasia Consortium. In other words, it is determined that both the importer and exporter of the parts are the companies of the same group. For example, electronic components that provide remote control and control of metro cars are purchased from Eurasia Metro Group SRL, a company established in Italy. More precisely, the company selling the parts is on the record. kazanan is one of the sub-companies of the consortium.


These companies sell the parts they sell to 3-4 times more expensive. For example, 1 from pentairpumpgroup firms in the United States in December 2010 dated 2367427 No. bills covered 677 thousand 408 dollars purchased 16 sets / 44.811 KG fire pump, Istanbul BSB what 22.02.2011 dated 644420 numbered invoice 1 million 783 thousand 191 euros (2.447.090 dollars) sold purchase cost. That is, with the power of the municipality, the fire pump set imported to the 677 thousand dollars is sold to the municipality on an 3.6 basis.

Again, Eurasia Group bought the control controls of the metron from the company of its Italian company Avrasya Metro Grup SRL to 518 bin 19 euro. The same item was billed to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on the 1 million 935 thousand 509 euro.

Back to back system

The auditors of the TCA likened the irregularity in the procurement of electronic system parts of the Istanbul metro to the "back to back" loan transfer system used in bankrupt banks. It was revealed that in the bankrupt banks, the bosses transferred the loans to the group companies with the back to back system. With the system in question, the bosses of banks A and B secretly agree with each other. The same amount of credit is extended from bank A to group companies of bank B, and from bank A to group companies of bank B. In fact, with this transaction, which was done on paper, the bankrupt bank boss transferred funds from his own bank to his own companies. With the system applied in the metro construction, the tender kazanAn Eurasian Group has shown that it has purchased materials at higher prices through companies it has established abroad. The same materials were sold to the municipality at a higher price. In other words, the municipality has inflicted millions of dollars in damage from the materials imported under its own authority.

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