Batu Logistics Launched Gebze Warehouse

Batu Logistics Opened Gebze Warehouse: Batu Logistics, which opened Gebze warehouse, started to serve in a total of 12.500 m² area with 20.000 m² closed. Hazardous, flammable, flammable, chemical products can be stored in the field, free warehouse and bonded area side by side because of the transportation costs are reflected positively, reduces the cost of storage.
Introducing the new Gebze warehouse, which was put into service as of 2014, Batu Logistics, in addition to transportation services, now unites its own warehouse and storage services in a single structure. Located in Gebze Dilovası district, the warehouse is located on a total area of ​​12.500 m² with 20.000 m² closed area. 4000 pallet capacity with a closed area of ​​7250 pallet capacity and 8500 m² closed area with 12534 pallet capacity free storage in every free storage solutions are offered.
Olumlu The failure to divide the logistics process is positively reflected in the end user's pocket “
Stating that warehousing and warehouse management is one of the most critical areas of the logistics sector, Taner Ankara, Batu Logistics Chairman of the Board of Directors, says that he believes that the storage capabilities of the sector should increase with the needs. In a logistic process where the storage service is kept, it is stated that logistic companies should provide services for the storage of the same products to each company they serve in the field of transportation, and that they think that the process can be interrupted when divided by different companies. Taner Ankara durum Storage needs have changed considerably as exports and imports increased, while we can easily store and manage products, textile products that appeal to the automotive industry, which are easier to store, and we are now in a position to keep up with this change. Now we look at how our customers want to store the products, dangerous and flammable substances, we can store everything we put into service. If we are talking about full service, we cannot add additional services to our customers by taking these services from outside, because this is reflected in costs first and then to the end user. Tam
”Our investments are shaped according to customer needs“
Stating that they do all their investments by considering the needs of their customers, Taner Ankara said, ı We realized this investment in Gebze by considering the points of distribution of your customers, the sales channels, the storage conditions of the products to be stored and the distance to the customs point. In this area, we can store all kinds of products from chemicals to flammable explosives and offer all the services we need such as palletizing and barcoding. Bu

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