Recycling Facility for End-of-Life Tires Established

Recycling Facility for End-of-Life Tires Established: The facility has been developed to fully recycle tires with end-of-life tires that have serious human and environmental damage. The plant, which was developed with the support of TÜBİTAK, started to export.
NET PLASMAK company, operating in Istanbul, has developed a facility that recycles end-of-life tires (TSS). Semih Ulusan, the manager of NET PLASMAK, who provided information about the facility, said that they both reduce the use of raw materials and prevent the damages they cause to the environment and human health. Ulusan stated that they developed the ÖTL recycling plant as a result of a one-year R & D work with the support of TUBITAK (TUBITAK) about TL 200 thousand.
Alan Waste tires are the wastes that need to be taken urgently because of the pollution area and the difficulties in its disposal. Explosive, worn, faulty all tires are covered by TL and are hazardous wastes which must be taken into consideration because of their flammability, volume, toxic structure, lack of a certain collection area. As in many countries in the world, the number of waste tires in our country is expressed in million tons. Based on these harmful conditions of waste tires, we decided to develop a machine that will make the recycling of tires faster and more practical and we started to work yol.
Ulusan stated that they have been working for about 5 years on the recycling of automobile tires. In their latest projects, Ulusan stated that they have developed a tire that makes recycling of trucks, construction equipment and agricultural machinery. Ulusan said, en The tires of the tires are 37-45. The percent 45 is made of rubber and the rest of the 5-10 is composed of textile particles. We primarily remove the tires from the plant. The tires removed from the strings are loaded onto the belts and thrown into the machine. First, big shredding. 30-35 millimeter shredding is made at the end of the large shredding. After this stage, the crusher 1-5 will be converted into millimeter area. After this crushing process is completed, it is filled into the sacks according to the dimensions. Metals produced from metal tapes are also minimized in presses Metal.
Ulusan stated that the recycled tires are used in many areas, Ulus Rubber granules, steel wire and textile particles are obtained at the facilities. The granular tires formed here are put on the market for the production of rubber, carpet floor, tire tile production, machine wedge production and barrier construction for asphalt roads. Wires are also used in metal presses in areas where metal is needed. Textile pieces are most commonly used as a cort cloth. It is a very expensive substance due to its being featured in polyethers, Kort he said.
Ulusan said that the positive results of their work also increased the exports of the plant and added that they immediately sold the project because of the interest they had implemented. Ulusan said, dikkat Our facility attracted a lot of attention and attracted attention. We exported our first plant to Erbil in Iraq. Currently this facility is working there. We will export our second export to Saudi Arabia. We signed the necessary contracts. We will send a facility with a capacity of 3 tons. We are in talks with the Iraqi government for Basra and Baghdad. We had meetings with Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Germany, I hope it will be positive. Bulgaristan



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