Ordu Boztepe cable car increased the number of tourists

📩 24/11/2018 13:30

Ordu Boztepe ropeway increased the number of tourists: domestic and foreign tourists coming to Ordu Boztepe, one of the most popular attractions of the Black Sea, enjoy a bird's-eye view of the city and the Black Sea.

Approximately 450 meters high from the sea, Boztepe is one of the most frequented places of tourists every year. Many cities of the tour in Boztepe, organized by the municipality about two years ago, the ropeway line, almost doubled the interest of tourists.

Necat Avci, one of the operators of Boztepe plant, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, said they had opened the season, the number of tourists coming to Boztepe in April increased.

The number of domestic tourists coming by every Boztepe Turkey is increasing every year expressing Hunter, "one of the Black Sea Boztepe new favorite place anymore. The view, the air and the cable car are very much of interest to Boztepe. The people who come here are particularly fascinated by the landscape. Tourists enjoy both the green and the sea at the same time, Turist he said.

Avci added that the number of tourists visiting Boztepe was doubled with the establishment of the cable car line.

Şehirinaz Çiçek from operators stated that this year's targets were to attract more tourists compared to the next season.

Cicek said the tourists came earlier this year, göre According to the information received from the authorities last season, the number of local and foreign tourists who came here exceeded 1,5 million. We expect this figure to be at least 2,5 million this season. We have completed our stocks in our products. If the weather goes nice, we think a very nice season is waiting for us. Hav

- Tourists buy loincloths and local house models

This season, the interest of Arab tourists, who expressed interest in the Flower, "especially after the establishment of the ropeway line increased interest here we have seen more," he said.

Flower, gurbetten tourists from the predominantly the people of the locals often prefer the model of loincloth and local houses, he added.

Filiz Ak from Tuzla, Istanbul, said that 'I came to Boztepe for the first time. I didn't expect such a beautiful view. I would like to see all the Ordogis in the village go to Boztepe at least once a year. I think Boztepe is one of the most beautiful places in the Black Sea. We were very pleased. Çok

In Yeliz Palavar, he explained that Boztepe was a natural wonder and recommended that everyone should go to Boztepe and watch the sea and the army with a bird's eye view.