AnadoluJet 6. 23 April will celebrate its anniversary with enthusiasm

AnadoluJet 6. 23 will celebrate its anniversary with enthusiasm: AnadoluJet is preparing to celebrate National Sovereignty and Children's Day with primary school students coming from six cities to Ankara within the scope of 23 April and its sixth anniversary celebration. In the program, which attracts attention with its full content; Aylin Süer, who received the first prize from the Ministry of Culture with his book er CLOCK gün in which he deals with the theme of Atatürk and children, will also hold a special signing day.
People's airline AnadoluJet is also preparing to celebrate 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day with a great enthusiasm, the sixth anniversary of its foundation. Having completed its sixth year in the sector, AnadoluJet is one of the most meaningful days for our country.
AnadoluJet, which prepares a full 23 April special program in Ankara for children coming from six different cities within the scope of the sixth anniversary of the anniversary, will provide a complete holiday atmosphere to primary school students with all the activities they will organize throughout the day.
Children from Ankara, Antalya, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Trabzon, İstanbul and İzmir will be invited to AnadoluJet and children will visit Ankara's important historical and cultural venues in Ankara as well as AnadoluJet Children's Theater. will be spent.
AnadoluJet's 23 April special program; Esenboğa Airport will start with a trip. Esenboğa Airport will be accompanied by officials of primary school students will receive information about the daily functioning of an airport. Then the students who will visit the cockpit part of an aircraft will ask the experienced pilots of AnadoluJet the questions they wonder about the planes and the profession of the pilot. Children will also be presented to them as a result of World Book Reading Day; He will read the book 'HOUR' written by Aylin Süer and the flight crew in the plane. Author Aylin Suer will join the children to pass some passages from her book 'HOURS'.
Meaningful signature day Anlam
The children will watch the play of AnadoluJet Children's Theater's A The Magic of the Lamp Hezarfen itim in the afternoon part of the program.
Aylin Süer, who will meet with the students within the scope of AnadoluJet's 23 April and the focus of the sixth founding day of the children, will be awarded the first prize by the Ministry of Culture.
The book 'HOUR', based on historical events and based on historical documents, examines Atatürk and his universal love for children. The book, which is proposed as a source book for children of primary school age, is planned to be presented as a movie in 2015 to children. Ataturk's Turkey and the world-oriented, youth and preparing to become the first children's film 'TIME', xnumx'l the year of Turkey today with the future by establishing cultural ties between the major social and ethical give important messages.
AnadoluJet's 23 April sixth year celebrations will continue with Anıtkabir. The program will end with a visit to the Armada Children's Museum.
Detailed information about AnadoluJet flights and social responsibility projects from the official website and call center 444 2 538.

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