Trench Line on Altıparmak Street

Correction to the Tram Line on Altıparmak Street: In the T-1 tram line, which entered Bursa's transportation life in March, the wrong productions are detected and corrected in time.

The wide sidewalks in Altıparmak Avenue, in front of Arap Şükrü Street, were narrowed by 20 centimeters each, making vehicle transportation easier. The Metropolitan Municipality teams, which dismantled the pavements made 2 months ago with asphalt crushing machines at midnight, enabled cars to pass comfortably. While the wide sidewalks in front of Arap Şükrü were used as an automobile parking lot, especially at night, it caused congestion in the direction of the exit during the day.

In the meantime, the drivers requested that the wide sidewalks under the variant be narrowed by 1 meter, especially at the entrance to Çatalfıın from Şehreküstü Square. The drivers noted that the flow from Şehreküstü to Altıparmak Street should be made with 2 lanes and that a fluid entrance can be provided by retreating 2 meters at the corks at the entrance of Kadı Zade Rumi Street and providing a fluid entrance to Çatal Firin. On the other hand, the drivers pointed out that the red light burns longer than the transit time of the tram, especially in the signalization connected to the tram and the variant exit and the exits from Çakırhamam to Atatürk Street, and asked that this time be shortened to speed up the entry to Atatürk Street from Tophane and Şehreküstü.


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