Ottoman Bridge Comes in the Infrastructure

📩 24/11/2018 12:08

The Ottoman Bridge Revealed in Infrastructure Studies: In the infrastructure works carried out in Milas, the historical bridge, which is thought to belong to the late Ottoman Period, emerged. Work is expected to bring the exciting bridge to tourism.
Historical ruins continue to emerge during the ongoing infrastructure works in Milas. The castle wall, which came out during the infrastructure works, and the remains of an arched structure, which is thought to belong to the late Ottoman Period, were found in the works carried out in the Cemil Menteşe Street of Hayıtlı Mahallesi. The incident was reported to the Museum Directorate. Preliminary investigation was initiated by museum officials. The experts, who saw that the arched structure progressed under the shops built on the Balavca Stream, found that under the shops there was a well-preserved bridge consisting of three sections.
The construction of a shop on Balavca Creek was ignored and criticized. It is expected that a comprehensive study will be started in the following days in order to bring the historical bridge below and below the shops into tourism.
Stating that the historical ruins that emerged indicate that Milas is very culturally rich, Milas District Governor Fuat Gürel said in his statement; “During the infrastructure work, historical ruins were found again. Finally, a bridge from the Ottoman period was found in the examination of the museum directorate teams. ”

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