Give us Alsancak Port, let us operate it, its income goes to the state

Give us the Alsancak Port, let us operate it and keep the income to the state: Ekrem Demirtaş, who suggested an autonomous management model in the port, said, “This business cannot continue with the logic of TCDD's 'load comes, we lower it'. I think the port should be managed with our own speed and vision ”.

Ekrem Demirtaş, President of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (ITO), suggested the autonomous management model to make Alsancak Port more functional. President Demirtaş said, “Give us the port and we will operate it. We don't want money. Let us make it work, get the income from the state ”. İTO President Demirtaş stated that if Alsancak Port loses its functionality, all investments in the city will be in danger of a halt.

Cruise ship
Demirtaş said, “Alsancak Port is extremely important for the economy of the city. If the port loses its function, İzmir will bleed. We say we run the port. But we cannot get it accepted. This work cannot continue with the logic of TCDD 'load comes, we lower it'. With this logic, no money comes to our country. We have repeated over the years. We said, 'Come, let's operate it until the port is privatized'. 10 years have passed. Let's speed up the loading and unloading of the port. Let's apply an autonomous management model in the port. We say this at every opportunity. There are examples in the world. Singapore and Hamburg ports are managed autonomously. I also think that the port should be managed with our own speed and vision. If this happens, both İzmir and the state will win. "At least we expect our ideas to be respected."

Stating that new generation large cargo ships cannot dock at Alsancak Port, Demirtaş said, “In addition to cargo ships, cruise ships also experience the same danger and the problem is getting bigger. In the future, new generation cruise ships will not be able to enter the port. "The Izmir Port should be dredged in an area of ​​11 kilometers up to a depth of 15 meters."

A while ago, Turkey said they had established the Cruise Platform Ekrem Demirtas, "We are working for the development of all cruise ports in Turkey. 650 thousand passengers come to Kuşadası. We supported Çeşme, the number of visitors increased from 35 thousand to 50 thousand. However, the number of passengers coming to İzmir decreased from 480 thousand to 400 thousand. There seems to be a decrease as tourists go to Çeşme. "We will ensure that more cruises come to Izmir as a result of our meetings with the world's 2 largest cruise companies during our Geneva visit.


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