The largest contribution to the growth of air transport from Turkey

The largest contribution to the growth of air transport in Turkey: Turkey in the next 7 years, the country would provide the greatest contribution to European air traffic growth was noted.

According to the report of the European Organization for Air Navigation Safety Eurocontrol, European air transport is expected to grow by 2014 percent in 1,2 and 2015 percent in 2,7.

The growth in air transport will decrease to 2017 percent after 2,2 due to the lack of airport capacity in Europe. With the third airport to be built in Istanbul, this ratio will reach 2019 as of 2,8.

In the report, which stated that the decrease in the number of passengers in Egypt affected the whole of Europe, “However, these losses were partially compensated by the tourists turning towards Spain and Morocco and 9% more traffic increase in Greece. At the same time the growth Avrupada growth seen in 2013 in Russia and Turkey are also expected to influence in a positive way, "testimony was given.

Turkey's air transport by 7,3 percent this year, while in 2015, the report predicted to grow 7,1 "Turkey in the next 7 years, growing by 6,9 percent on average in the European countries which will be the largest contributor to the growth in air traffic" It was said.

  • 26 bin flight will not occur due to high-speed train

The sector's expansion in air traffic growth in the high-speed train network will be seen in the coming years, the report indicated that prints 2020 percent annually until 0,4, it was recorded that Turkey will be the most affected.

According to the report, Turkey, in 2020, corresponding to 2,5 percent of the country's air traffic about 26 thousand flights, so choose high-speed trains will not happen.




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