TÜBİTAK has quit work to investigate traffic problem in Istanbul

TÜBİTAK has left the power of work, investigating this: TUBITAK rolls up its sleeves and embarks on work to solve the transportation problem in Istanbul. Tübitak, which will enter a joint project with IETT, will solve the traffic problem of Istanbul. They will build such a system that the flights will be increased during peak hours. It is planned to consider an automation system.

victory kazanNow, Kadir Topbaş and Tübitak rolled up their sleeves and they are thinking about the traffic problem in Istanbul together. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved IETT's 2013 Activity Report. IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı said that they have realized their budget of over 2 billion by 90 percent and that they have provided a safe and high quality travel opportunity to Istanbulites at world standards.

Director Hayri Baraçlı stated that they carried approximately 52 thousand passengers with 535 vehicles on the 8-kilometer Söğütlüçeşme-Beylikdüzü Metrobus line with 906 thousand 800 trips per day. Stating that they have signed a 24-month protocol with TÜBİTAK to increase the efficiency of the bus and all bus lines in Istanbul, Baraçlı continued his words as follows: 'With this project we started, we are creating a more flexible line structure. It will be an exemplary model that reduces the waiting and travel time of our passengers at the stops. We will have integrated the entire transportation system under the responsibility of IETT, comfortable, fast, reliable and integrated with each other. '


Indicating that IETT serves with environmentalist vehicles on all lines, Baraçlı said that IETT is a giant institution with 7 235 employees. Expressing that they have traveled 2013 million, 3 million 59 thousand flights and covered 700 million kilometers and carried 5 million passengers with a fleet of 379 thousand 170 buses in 462; He noted that 6 percent of public transportation in Turkey was carried out by IETT.



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